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Hi! Im a singer/songwriter (and mom) who has recorded 2 country music albums. Listen online at www.loreenbliss.com. I am happily married, meeting my husband, Tim, while attending Utah State University in Logan, UT. We both received our Bachelor Degrees, mine in Elementary Education, with a Music Minor, Tim, a dual major in Business/Ag Business. After graduation we moved to Texas where our first child was born. We owned a dairy there for a bit then moved back to Utah. Tim currently owns a dairy in a small Utah town, where we are busy with our 5 children. Our oldest was born in 1998, we had TWINS in 2001, our 4th child in 2006, and our latest addition was born in June of 2008. I was so excited when we decided to record my 1st album. I have always wanted to preserve my voice... share it with others in such a timeless fashion. Well, at 33, I lived this dream. Where it takes me, time will only tell. One day at a time. I'm not out to be famous, just to share my voice and my messages through my songs with as many people as I can reach. I have 3 blogs, one for me, one for family, and one for my tour. Enjoy and Keep Singin'!

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Hey everyone! I decided to create a separate blog that focuses primarily on my performances. In this blog I will keep you informed on my tour, how shows went, and any backstage stuff I might decide you are worthy of knowing :) !

This way, the blog stay focused!

I have a tendency to get off track and start talking about irrelevant subjects, like how I wish it were summer so we could go water skiing. Oh, man, you need to come to my town and try out our res! It has the best skiing in all of Utah! Oh, wait.....see what I mean, totally off track.

Thanks for coming!

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    Anonymous Mindy Losee said...

    I like this tour blog!!! It is neat to be able to actually see how your performance went and everything else. What do you mean "worthy of knowing" you should tell us everything!:)JK

    I kind of like it when you get off track when we are talking...that way out conversations last longer!:) Hey...we should go out to the res sometime with the kids and all...that would be FUN!!! ttyl

    4:30 PM  

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