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Hi! Im a singer/songwriter (and mom) who has recorded 2 country music albums. Listen online at www.loreenbliss.com. I am happily married, meeting my husband, Tim, while attending Utah State University in Logan, UT. We both received our Bachelor Degrees, mine in Elementary Education, with a Music Minor, Tim, a dual major in Business/Ag Business. After graduation we moved to Texas where our first child was born. We owned a dairy there for a bit then moved back to Utah. Tim currently owns a dairy in a small Utah town, where we are busy with our 5 children. Our oldest was born in 1998, we had TWINS in 2001, our 4th child in 2006, and our latest addition was born in June of 2008. I was so excited when we decided to record my 1st album. I have always wanted to preserve my voice... share it with others in such a timeless fashion. Well, at 33, I lived this dream. Where it takes me, time will only tell. One day at a time. I'm not out to be famous, just to share my voice and my messages through my songs with as many people as I can reach. I have 3 blogs, one for me, one for family, and one for my tour. Enjoy and Keep Singin'!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Entertainment for Dairy Princess Pageant

No, I wasn't a contestant. I don't do pageants. I was the entertainment for the Utah Dairy Princess Pageant on Saturday, March 19, 2005. Hey, we are dairy farmers, it fits! I actually judged this competition a couple of years ago. It was fun to be back. I was sad that I missed the dairy jingles though because me and the band were off warming up. That is the best part. These girls get pretty creative!

I played my guitar, and I had my lead guitar player, bass player, fiddle player, and mandolin player with me for this performance. Wish we could have had drums but they didn't allow enough time to set them up. Plus, the contestants needed the entire stage. The band members I brought really did a great job! Thanks Kerry, Kirk, Rebecca, and Joseph! We didn't have much time for a sound check but Tim (my husband) said things went well. We performed at Peteetnett (in Payson, UT...it's an Indian name) in the new section. Not as much character as the original building, but it works. I took my PeaVey sound system, and along with Kerry's amps things sounded pretty good.

Crazy event of the night: We were over in the old section of Peteetneet warming up. I had told Tim to come and get us, or warn us as things got closer, whatever...he was our eyes. We were told we were performing while the judges were making their decisions, so we had at least an hour or more before we were up. So I hadn't worried about getting ready yet (ie. check hair, put lipstick on, etc) Well, we had been rehearsing for oh, maybe 2o -30 min or so, when all of a sudden Tim runs in and says they were announcing us!!!!!! Woooohhh, talk about a bunch of musicians running down the hall. I was trying to put on my cordless mic at the same time. Well, no time for the nervousness to set in there. They never told us they had moved us up on the program. Yikes! Oh, well.... things still went well, and we really had fun.

I hate performing without lipstick on.

It was a fun evening and it was great to sell some CDs! Hope everyone enjoys my music.

Drink your milk!
(Did you know dairy products actually help you lose weight?! Yep, calcium is good for more than you thought!)


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