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Hi! Im a singer/songwriter (and mom) who has recorded 2 country music albums. Listen online at www.loreenbliss.com. I am happily married, meeting my husband, Tim, while attending Utah State University in Logan, UT. We both received our Bachelor Degrees, mine in Elementary Education, with a Music Minor, Tim, a dual major in Business/Ag Business. After graduation we moved to Texas where our first child was born. We owned a dairy there for a bit then moved back to Utah. Tim currently owns a dairy in a small Utah town, where we are busy with our 5 children. Our oldest was born in 1998, we had TWINS in 2001, our 4th child in 2006, and our latest addition was born in June of 2008. I was so excited when we decided to record my 1st album. I have always wanted to preserve my voice... share it with others in such a timeless fashion. Well, at 33, I lived this dream. Where it takes me, time will only tell. One day at a time. I'm not out to be famous, just to share my voice and my messages through my songs with as many people as I can reach. I have 3 blogs, one for me, one for family, and one for my tour. Enjoy and Keep Singin'!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I LOVE PERFORMING!!! (Plus the table stool story!)

The Circuit performance was so much fun. I've been sick since then, unfortunately, so I haven't added anything to this blog for a while now. Check out my concert photos at the link below! It really was a great night and I look forward to doing it again. I got a lot of compliments and sold some CDs at the show. Tim recorded the show for me. I like critiquing myself.... you learn a lot from watching a show. We definitely weren't perfect, but I was really pleased with it. Thank you to my band members. They really worked hard! Thanks (this is a sarcastic thanks) Scott for encouraging me to tell my "table" story. I'll have to tell you all about it sometime. It really is funny. Thank you to my oldest daughter for singing with me! She helped me out on Crayon Heart and did a great job.

One thing that I do like about my performances is how comfortable I look up on stage. I don't look nervous, and really I'm not, you can tell that I am having fun. I like interacting with the audience and the band. One thing that I don't like about me is that I really need to get better at playing the guitar. I love to play, but I don't feel as confident about that as I should. I can tell by watching. Hopefully the audience can't. I'm afraid that anyone who plays guitar well would notice. My voice was sounding good that night though, and for me that really is the most important. Thanks to all my supporters who came to the show in Midvale. Having friends and family there really meant a lot to me!!! Keep watching my tour page for updates on shows!

  • The Circuit Concert Photos!

  • Loreen's Tour Page

  • OK... here is the table story... My dear friend Maylon custom made a wooden stool for me. It is made out of old barn wood and looks so neat. He custom measured it and everything for me so it is just the right height so I can sit on it and the mic is still perfect and the rungs are just the right height for exactly where I need my feet so my legs are just the right height for playing my guitar....you get the picture. Anyway.... another custom fit is the seat. I told Maylon I wanted it big enough so my hips didn't hang over the edge... OK..so we measured it and made it just perfect. Well, when it was completed I took it home and set it down in the kitchen. My three year old boy twin took one look at it and said..."Cool, what a neat table!" OK...great, now my hips make a table! Nice. Don't ya love kids! I like my "momma hips"! And... I like my stool! Thanks Maylon! At least the audience got a laugh out of it. I really didn't intend on sharing this story with anyone (thanks Scott for bringing it up!) ... but it's always good to be able to laugh at yourself. And...for the audience to see how human you are!


    Anonymous Mindy Losee said...

    The Comedy Circuit Concert was a BLAST!!! I had soooo much fun! THANKS for taking me!!! You really do look like you are having a great time up on stage when you are performing! Not only that but you also look good up there!:) No kidding here!:) I enjoyed listening to you sing, it sounded just MARVELOUS!!!:) Don't worry, you'll get better at the guitar soon enough! I wish I knew how to play the guitar that sits in my room...I guess I will just have to stick to the violin! You are incredible...you have a great voice and can also play the guitar and I think that is amazing...not because I didn't think you couldn't do it, but because it is awesome! I am glad that I could support you and hope to be able to go with you again and if I ever learn your music, maybe even go with you as a band member! That would be FUN!!! Every time I read your table stool story it makes me laugh, just because I can imagine Jaren saying something like that and I can imagine the face you would've made when he said it. Anyway, it's FUNNY! THANKS AGAIN!!!

    4:21 PM  
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